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Building Social Relationships Program
This page will contain research articles, instructional resources, audio recordings, videos, and links to news items related to the Building Social Relationships (BSR) program implemented at the Social Skills Research Clinic at Indiana University.

With our fall social skill groups about to launch, I will be updating resources throughout the semester...just uploaded a new version of the ASSP-2, and two sample Session Structure Plans. Check out BSR-2 for more information on the strategies outlined in the plans.

Check back soon for additional resources...I've only added a few to whet your appetite! 
BSR Resources

This section contains some of the resources we frequently use in the BSR program being implemented at the Social Skills Research Clinic at Indiana University 
In the News

This  section will contain various articles and news stories relevant to the BSR programming and social skills programming in general

BSR Programming  in Iowa
A great story about some wonderful educators in Iowa who have been implementing the BSR program in their schools
Sesame Street Autism Initiative
It has been an honor to work as an advisor on this project. Sesame Street Workshop is teeming with so many wonderful and talented people and the field of autism is fortunate that they have decided to address the needs of families of children on the autism spectrum. Please check out their website and keep your eyes open for future projects involving, Julia, Sesame Street's first character on the autism spectrum.

Research Articles

This section will contain a selection of research articles I have authored or co-authored  on the topic of social skills programming 
If you would like a more comprehensive list of my past research studies, please see my Google Scholar page. 

New research studies and manuscripts are in preparation and will be posted on this site when completed. 
If you are a researcher and have an idea for a collaborative project, please do not hesitate to contact me.